About Us

Green Screen Jungle

Green Screen Jungle is a boutique library of pre-keyed animal footages ready to use for your commercial, business or private use.

Our staff has worked very hard to develop a variety of wild animal footage in the most animal friendly habitats to help you with your creative productions. Upon signing up (free registration), you would be able to download free (low resolution) clips to test a copy of the footage for your project. We are trying to make your animal compositing a giant leap easier. We hope you are able to find your desired footage and avoid the rigorous process of renting an animal with the animal trainer, a photographer, and a green screen studio.

In our library you will find a variety of animal footages in a ready to go format tailored for instant compositing (alpha channel transparency). We have priced these footages very reasonably to make them affordable for a variety of projects suited for yourself or your clients.

Please carefully read the licensing agreement as these footages are NOT royalty free. You will have to get a separate license for each project. Licensing fees will vary based on the usage.

Please look out for new clips being added to our library and feel free to email us or contact us by calling us customer support line.

Customer Service

USA: 1 (800) 475-1182
International: 310 955 4108

Our Respect for the Great Wildlife

The animal clips have been created without perturbing these great creatures in any way. We have used no instruments to force animals to do any gestures and acts. No commands were given to disrupt their natural acts and emotions. We have not even used  touchless scare tactics as we in no way believe in emotionally impacting their personality adversely. No fear, intimidation or submission techniques were involved. Due to our extreme love and care for these beautiful creations of nature, you can see it in all our videos, a sense of peace, tranquility and unperturbed natural expression.